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Look at the ruins through our VR glasses

to see the city as it was 2000 years ago

All you need is а smartphone, our mobile app and VR-glasses

Augmented reality technology helps to reconstruct lost architectural objects with historic precision and contemplate them in modern surroundings.

I want to travel through time,
How it works?

Once on the site...

Launch the PompeiiScope app, insert the smartphone into the VR-glasses and start looking at the remains of the architectural objects around

The app will analyze the image from the camera and replace the remnants of the buildings with their virtual historic copies

The sensors of your smartphone will track your head movements allowing to watch everything from different angles creating the effect of immersion

* To view any VR / AR applications, incl. PompeiiScope, your smartphone must have the necessary sensors

Our VR-glasses ARvizio® are stored in a convenient stylish case and easy to assemble in 30 seconds

You can choose VR-glasses in exact accordance with the size of your smartphone

Instructions for setting up your smartphone

How to set up your smartphone for ARvizio® glasses

Download and / or run the Google Cardboard application
In the menu at the top right, select “Switch viewer:"
On ARvizio® glasses, find the QR code
Select the one that suits you, and scan it. After a beep, your phone is set up for ARvizio® glasses

This setting is done once and repeated settings are not required later.

You will get lots of totally new and absolutely positive impressions for just 10,9 €

Supplementary features to enhance your impressions:

Live historic characters
Rich ambient sounds or and audio excursion upon your choice
Animated Vesuvius eruption
An option to take and post a photo or selfie from the past
When back home, you will be also able to share your impressions with your close ones by launching the app in the virtual tour mode (without the use of your phone’s camera)
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#Idea: Our VR-glasses are also a wonderful souvenir! In addition, they can be used for any other VR / AR applications

Make sure to watch all the small details!

We have invested much effort to collect the historic facts and recreate precisely all the ruined architectural objects – murals, bas-reliefs and inscriptions.

For a virtual 3D excursion in time, you will need

Download our app from PompeiiScope (*)

Enter the park and find yourself in the 1st century AD

VR-excursion to Pompeii

3D photos on the tour or anywhere else you can easily do with our other Application: FotoMaker 3D together with VR-glasses ARvizio® turns your smartphone into a stylish camera

Buy a 3D camera
What if something goes wrong?
This is almost impossible. Well and if suddenly - in Pompeii our kiosk is opened. You can quickly solve any technical problems, for example, charge a smartphone or download our application.
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Family of 5, USA
We all liked the experience. Unfortunately we had to share 3 glasses between five of us. The father initially was a bit skeptical but at the end he said he liked it.
20 June 2016 POMP_SOC Facebook
Mark, USA, 52
I really appreciated the 3rd reconstruction but it caused a bit of dizziness.
20 June 2016 POMP_SOC Facebook
Jane, USA, 30
Nice! We liked points 9 and 10 and it was our first time to see something of this kind.
10 June 2016 POMP_SOC Вконтакте


Do I need Internet access to use the app?
You do not need Internet access to use the app on site. If you have not downloaded the app in advance, please call on our kiosk at the entrance to the archaeological park to take advantage of free wi-fi. The kiosk address: Via Villa dei Misteri, 1,Pompei Scavi,80045 Pompei NA, Italy find us on map
Does the app work without the stereo goggles?
Yes, the app works without the goggles. You can also launch it on a tablet – there is a special mode for that. However, stereo goggles create a 3D scene and an effect of immersion and also preserve the image quality in broad daylight. For the most vivid impressions we recommend to buy our Viewer Box stereo goggles.
Can I use stereo goggles of other manufacturers?
You can use any stereo goggles provided that your smartphone fits in it. Please note that the goggles must support augmented (mixed) reality mode i.e. the smartphone camera must not be obscured by any part of the goggles. We recommend you to buy our Viewer Box stereo goggles! They precisely meet the technical requirements of the app, have a smart design and a highly competitive price. You can also choose one of three sizes which fits your smartphone perfectly.
Can I purchase the app and the goggles on site?
Yes, just drop in at our kiosk located at the entrance to the archaeological park (Via Villa dei Misteri, 1,Pompei Scavi,80045 Pompei NA, Italy find us on map). Take advantage of free wi-fi to download the app.
What other ruins can I watch using your app?
Pompeii is our first project. We have already started working on other popular sites. New time-travel destinations will be available for our regular customers at a discount. Please follow our website or sign up for our newsletter.
Will the app run on my smartphone?
PompeiiScope up is available for iOS and Android platforms. We offer 3 sizes of Viewer Box goggles to fit smartphones with 4 to 6’’ screen diagonal, which makes up about 95% of smartphones on the market. If you have any doubt, please send an inquiry or drop in at our kiosk located at the entrance to the archaeological park (Via Villa dei Misteri, 1,Pompei Scavi,80045 Pompei NA, Italy find us on map)).
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